Artist Search Portal

A Look Ahead

The entire "Musical Tree" searchable feature of our site is under major reconstruction. For those here for the first time, here's why you'll want to return when it's finished. As you can see from a freeze from our previous site, when you search for a group it will return all the members who have been in that band. If then you click on one of the members it'll return all the bands that member has been in. It's hours of researching musical history. . . btw, did you know American Idol's Randy Jackson played bass in journey for 2 years? Yup - the "Raised On Radio" record. There are also buttons to take you to Living Legends Radio, find information about artist tours, new releases and purchase artist memorabilia and media. THE RSS News feed will again be active for up to date news on all your favorite legendary artists. Please visit our Youtube page and see our "Their Reality" series streaming on Amazon Prime!

Interview Clips

We have gathered quite a collection of interviews, many of which are posted on our Youtube page. They are the basis of much of our television and radio content. As an overview for your viewing pleasure we've added this "Sizzle" reel that has clips from hours and hours of artist conversations. . . yet only 12 1/2 minutes long . . . Some were recorded a while ago and have references to musicians that are no longer with us. Enjoy!