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If you have a suggestion for a website feature that will enhance user experience please let us know. We also appreciate your comments regarding Living Legends Music. Please visit our social media pages and be a part of the growing LLM community! If you have ordered a DVD or tried to order and have had trouble please let us know.

*New Amazon Prime Series

We are preparing for our new season of "Their Reality" to be aired on Amazon Prime. If you have a favorite artist or group you'd like to suggest, please contact us via the form below. These shows will require the artist or group have a new studio release within the past six years.

*Artist Management and Labels

If you manage an artist or group that meets the LLM guidelines (in the business for 18+ years and have a new studio release within the last six years) and would like us to include them in our database or do an interview and/or program featuring them, we’d love to hear from you.

*Partners and Corporate Sponsors

LLM has been privately funded to this point. With more help from partners willing to provide content, services and funding we see the brand growing into a major force in the entertainment industry. For more information or ideas to help us grow please contact us via the form below.

*Support The Artists!

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly support your favorite artists by buying concert tickets, recordings, videos and downloads. Just because you've heard their music for years doesn't necessarily mean they are getting rich . . . or even getting paid! It's a glory business to those looking in but a lot of work both physically and emotionally for those on stage!

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