Transfer Services

Broadcast Video Transfers

The most overlooked at-risk recordings seem to be those in the broadcast video and pro audio formats. They typically get put on a shelf and slowly deteriorate to the point of being unrecoverable. Not only is the analog media losing it's magnetic qualities making it compromised, but the actual machines to play these gems on are getting fewer and fewer. Many of the machines easily available via ebay can chew your tape and be forever lost. Our machines are maintained and "babied". We must limit our transfer and restoration services to to those in the fields related to music and entertainment. Don't let those valuable performances turn to dust. We can transfer them, restore and often enhance the quality to let the music live on!

Video Transfer and Restoration
Broadcast formats for which we have transfer capabilities include ¾", ¾"SP, Betacam, Betacam SP and 1". If you have any tapes other than home video formats like VHS or Betamax they are likely to be one of these formats. We can help with the home video formats but it must be related to artist/group history and not just home movies.

Interlaced Video

Regarding restoration, all of the old formats are what is called interlaced. Without getting into the weeds with this, it simply means horizontal scan lines that look smeary when upscaled and converted. Most content is now progressive scan. We have a process after we digitize your tape to upscale your SD file to HD and convert to progressive scan that is quite impressive. Cost is minimal. As for the audio, with our processing tools it's amazing how we can improve . . or even save what is on your tape!

There are several challenges common to transferring both audio and video tapes. As tape ages it loses its lubrication. As a result it can behave like running duct tape through the player and make it almost impossible to play. It can also lose oxide and deposit dust and contamination on the heads of the machine. The result is losing video and/or audio quality the longer it plays. The tape can also be physically damaged like creased or crinkled. Most of these scenarios are able to be worked around. Often it requires transferring a piece at a time and editing the files digitally after the fact.

Audio Transfers and Processing

There are many analog audio formats and we have a variety of machines. We are adding vintage formats as needed so feel free to ask if we can help you. We have ¼", ½" and 2" tape machines. We also have ADAT, DAT, Phonograph and even an old wire recorder. With our new digital mastering tools it is possible to recover, clean up and manipulate the audio to the point that it often sounds quite respectable. The video on this page shows some examples of worst case scenario transfers.

Shipping Vintage Media
The only reliable way in our experience to ship something this valuable is FedEx – prefer overnight or second day. It is totally up to you but it's pretty scary thinking that the only copy of a valued performance is lost. On our end we require a signature so you know we received it. After we do our transfers and processing the files can be uploaded or sent back on a drive. At this point we will have backup files so we're all covered in case the shipping company has any issues.