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Below you will find other bands and artists that may be on their way to becoming or have worked with a Living Legend. Click on the names below to see a discography of their work.

Other Bands found:
Barney Bentall & The Legendary Hearts
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
Brandon Wolf
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band
John Hiatt & The Goners
Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul
Lone Justice
Other Individual Artists found:
Anderson, Chris
Anderson, Cleave
Appel, Louie
Ballou, Phillip
Bandiera, Bob
Becker, Steve
Bellia, Joe
Berger, Allan
Bittan, Roy
Boccia, Gene
Bralower, Jimmy
Buslowe, Steve
Byrd, Ricky
Cafferty, John
Clemons, Clarence
Cloud, Rusty
Diggs, Benny
Donovan, Bazil
Elmo, Frank
Federici, Danny
Ferrel, Bobby
Freeman, Arthur
Gardner, Earl
Gazda, Ricky
Giovino, Marco
Gramolini, Joel
Harrison, Stan
Hayes, David
Kavanaugh, Kevin
Kazee, Jeff
Keelor, Greg
Litteral, Paul
Lopez, Vinnie
Maelen, Jimmy
Malach, Bob
McCuller, Arnold
Mucklin, Bob
Novi, Carlo
Palligrosi, Tony
Parente, Louis
Pender, Mark
Pentifallo, Kenny
Pickett, Lenny
Rosenberg, Richie
Ruiz, George
Rush, Billy
Rush, Little Willie
Shewchuk, Steve
Spencer, Mike
Spengler, Michael
Stann, Joey
Tallent, Garry
Torrente, Al
Tyrell, Soozie
Van Zandt, Steven
Zacagni, Bill

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