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Barenaked Ladies
The Brothers Creeggan

=Living Legend

Andy Creeggan

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Barenaked Ladies, Dave Allen, Greg Beresford, Arlene Bishop, Chris Brown, Meryn Cadell, Dave Clark, Andy Creeggan, Jim Creeggan, Nadia Creeggan, Matt DeMatteo, Kate Fenner, Mike Ford, Murray Foster, Jian Ghomeshi, Nic Gotham, Gene Hardy, Sally Lee, David Matheson, Lewis Melville, Jason Mercer, Keith Nakonechy, Blair Packham, Steven Page, Steve Pitkin, Jason Walton Plumb, Ed Robertson, Tannis Slimmon, Tyler Stewart, Wayne Stokes, Martin Tielli, Tim Vesley, Tom Walsh, Tim Wilson, Bob Wiseman, Michael Phillip Wojewoda
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