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Billy Dean

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Billy Dean’s versatility as an entertainer, has garnered him over two decades of hits and numerous awards. Shortly after high school, a world-wide talent search landed him in Nashville in the early ‘80s, where he finished in the top ten.  In 1988, Dean entered another talent show, and won his first episode of Ed McMahon’s Star Search and received national recognition and the attention of music executives. Dean’s debut album Young Man was released on Capital Records in 1990, along with his single “Only Here for A Little While,” which peaked at Number Three on the Billboard charts.

Dean co-authored his second single “Somewhere in my Broken Heart” with Hall of Fame songwriter Richard Leigh, which soared all the way to number one and was nominated for a Grammy. “Somewhere in My Broken Heart” went on to win The Academy of Country Music’s Song of The Year, earning Dean his first platinum album and Country Music’s Top Male Vocalist of The Year award.

Billy Dean’s music has sold millions world-wide – eleven Top Ten singles and five Number Ones, expanded his career, adding several acting credits to his name. Dean’s true gift comes through during his signature solo acoustic performances. An accomplished musician, Dean has a rare, unique ability to take you on an emotional journey with just him and a guitar. The raw energy of his personality, sense of humor, and powerful vocals, leaves a lasting impression on audiences once they experience the quality of his music up-close and personal - personality, sense of humor, and power.

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