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Rick Springfield (born Richard Lewis Springthorpe, August 23, 1949) is an Australian pop singer whose career began as a singer in Rock House, followed by Zoot, one of the most popular Australian groups of the late Sixties. Springfield went solo after the breakup and garnered his first U.S. success the following year with a re-recording of his Australian hit “Speak to the Sky”; the song reached Number Fourteen in the U.S., but would prove to be his last major success for quite some time. Subsequent ‘70s albums stiffed, and record company difficulties prevented Springfield from recording after 1976.

He starred the cartoon series Mission: Magic (produced by Filmation in 1973), where he appears in the animated format, along with the teacher Miss Tickle and her teenaged students. He had a successful acting career, beginning with a brief role as Zac in the 1978 movie Battlestar Galactica. He then became a soap opera actor, most notable for appearing on General Hospital. With a very enthusiastic teenage fanbase, Springfield returned to music with Working Class Dog and the singles “Jessie’s Girl” and “I’ve Done Everything for You”. But Springfield, already in his 30s, was uncomfortable with the teen idol image; Ronnie, Springfield’s Bull Terrier/Great Dane mix, appeared in his place on two of his album covers.

His subsequent release Don't Talk to Strangers (1981) also contained a string of Top 40 hits, including the title song and the soft ballad “What Kind of Fool Am I?” But it was 1983’s Living in Oz that established Springfield as a serious songwriter. Filled with serious subject matter and back by a harder rock edge and more technological sound, the release went platinum on the strength of a number of the hits “Human Touch,” “Living in Oz,” and “Affair of the Heart.”

Springfield won a Grammy in 1981 for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance for “Jessie’s Girl”. Springfield was also nominated for two Grammys in 1982 and one Grammy in 1983.

Springfield made the leap to the big screen in 1984 with Hard to Hold, which was much more successful at the box office than with critics; the soundtrack spawned his last Top Ten hit to date, “Love Somebody”. His career seemed to bottom out afterwards, although he recorded several more albums over the rest of the ‘80s, and continued to land television roles into the ‘90s. In 1999, Springfield returned with a new album, Karma.

Although his achievements are not well recognized in Australia, he has long maintained a large and fiercely loyal fan base in the United States and his many career achievements include a Grammy Award, four platinum albums, twenty US Top 100 singles and seventeen Top 40 hits including a US Number One and Number Two single.

From February 2001 through December 2002, Springfield performed in EFX Alive! at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, to critical acclaim.

Rock-solid songwriting instincts enabled Springfield to release Shock Denial Anger Acceptance in 2003 and The Day After Tomorrow, in 2005.

Venus in Overdrive (2008) was recorded in a record 32 days by Springfield and Matt Bissonette, Springfield's long time bass player. According to Rick, "It is an album about love in all its forms, and since Venus is the goddess of love, it's called Venus in Overdrive. There is a lot of personal stuff in these songs but we have tried to craft them so they still have a universal voice. We are older, yet still teenagers, we have lost people we love and still love the people who are on our journey with us, we are angry at some of the crap in the world yet love our human failings."

The first single from Venus in Overdrive is "What's Victoria's Secret?" Rick says the title of the song "is one of those titles that was waiting to be written and we just got there first. Matt came up with it and we wrote the song while we were doing five nights of shows in Milwaukee. I had some recording gear brought into my hotel room. It's basically about the sexualization of women and how we as males, want that, but also resist it and mainly need to connect to women as human beings. It's a dichotomy that most men feel I think."

Two songs on the record, "Saint Sahara" and "Oblivious", pay tribute to Sahara Aldridge, a young girl who frequently attended Rick's shows and whom the entire band came to love and who recently passed away. Rick explains that "Saint Sahara" is about who Sahara was and how hard it was to have her leave. It's also a celebration and recognition of the people she affected in this world. Her mom said (before she died) that if I were to write a song about her daughter, could I make it a celebration and not something maudlin, so it's basically a song celebrating her great spirit. 'Oblivious' is the soul side of the song, 'Saint Sahara', what we all felt and how we dealt with it. It is sometimes so good to be numb to pain but life can't go on if you stay numb all the time. The song itself is about the denial of the finality of death, but it's still a love song."

Songs for The End of The World (2012) is the brand new studio album by one of music’s most enduring legends, Rick Springfield. Filled with personal lyrics and giant hooks, it’s a pop/rock tour de force proving once again that there’s always been more to Rick Springfield than his 17 Top 40 hits and signature number-one hit, Jessie’s Girl.

Highlights on the new album include the vintage three-chord rock of “‘I Hate Myself,” the anthemic “‘Our Ship’s Sinking,” the mid-tempo ballad “‘You & Me,” and the album opening rocker “‘Wide Awake.”

As a special bonus for fans, the album features access to unique digital, cloud-based content such as bonus videos, a collectable acoustic track, photo galleries and more that can be accessed by scanning an image inside the album cover using the free Rick Interactive app.

Springfield also enlisted fans via social media to submit videos of themselves singing the chorus of “I Hate Myself.” All of these vocal contributions have been included in the final mix of the track on the album, and fans names will be included in the credits. In addition, a 30-minute version of “I Hate Myself,” which includes individual fan submitted vocals, will be included with the digital bonus content.

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