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Team Illuminati
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Ernest Chapman

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Team Illuminati is the purple gummy bear of the Nashville music scene; a totally unique, fascinating, and much-appreciated surprise. Somewhere between Ben Folds and Frank Zappa, with a little twist of Nine Inch Nails, Team Illuminati is the brain child of Ernest Chapman, who grew up with a passion for music and conspiracy theories. What first started out as a joke name for a band soon became a world unto itself, complete with a secret take-over-the-world-agenda, exclusive team-member ID cards, and a growing fan base of people with a taste for the theatre of the absurd.

The son of hit songwriter Beth Nielsen Chapman, Ernest Chapman III has honed his craft as a writer while also finding a unique identity as an artist, by always looking for new sounds and stories and exposing them with a childlike sense of wonder and audacity.

The new album American Dream, co-produced by Chapman and Matt Rollings, is available on iTunes, and the live show, aside from being a nice musical kick in the face, is very visual and theatrical, always fresh, and experimental to its core.

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