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Sylvia Tyson

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Sylvia Tyson started performing professionally in 1959 as one-half of the internationally acclaimed folk duo, Ian & Sylvia. She wrote her first song, “You Were on My Mind”, in 1962, and three years later it reached Number Three on the Billboard chart for a group called We Five, subsequently hitting the British charts as a hit for Crispian St Peter.

Through the sixties and early seventies, Ian & Sylvia produced thirteen popular albums, and toured extensively in North America and Europe, sharing their manager, Albert Grossman, with such luminaries as Bob Dylan, Peter Paul and Mary, The Band, and Janis Joplin. The duo went their separate ways in 1977.

Sylvia has continued to have a long and successful solo career, hosting the award-winning CBC Network radio show, Touch the Earth, and a national CBC Television show, Country in My Soul. She has recorded ten albums, written over two hundred songs, and has for the last ten years also recorded and performed with three other well-known Canadian female singer-songwriters in a group called Quartette. As well, she has had a long and distinguished radio and television career, both in music and in documentaries.

In 1992, Sylvia Tyson was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame on the nationally televised Juno Awards.

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