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Russell Hitchcock

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“I am a child of inner-city Melbourne who grew up very poor and who, fortunately, now gets to sing some of the greatest songs ever written.” – Russell Hitchcock

Russell Charles Hitchcock (born June 15, 1949 in Melbourne, Victoria) is an Australian musician and one half of the group Air Supply. He formed the group after meeting Englishman Graham Russell in 1975 on the set of a production of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Hitchcock was the second of two children (his sister Gail was four years older), and he lived his formative years in Brunswick, a suburb of Melbourne. When he was seven, he moved around to Melbourne suburbs as his parents managed a boarding houses. He attended South Brunswick State School, and he was hit by a truck at age seven. He attended Princes Hill High School. At age 20, he obtained a job in the spare parts division of a computer company and worked there for three years before being promoted and transferred to Sydney. In 1975 he was convinced by his girlfriend Karen to audition for Jesus Christ Superstar and was accepted to the cast and met Graham Russell.

The legendary Australian born vocalist of Air Supply has continually given the gift of Love through song to millions of people worldwide for over 35 years. His undeniably unique talent has inspired some of the greatest and most successful performers of our time, regardless of genre.

Transcending three generations of music lovers, Russell Hitchcock is, indeed, a master of his craft, and his distinctive voice has matured through the years, becoming more powerful with each song. Having toured the world more times than any other singer, Russell has always engaged his fans, believing in a personal relationship with each and every one, always taking time to show his appreciation.

It is with this appreciation that Russell Hitchcock has recorded the definitive album of his career: Russell Hitchcock, Tennessee:  The Nashville Sessions. This two-disc collection features twenty all new recordings soon to become classics. Never in the history of Russell Hitchcock’s career did he imagine that he would be recording in the Music City -  Nashville, Tennessee, but some things are destined to be.

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