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Mikael Rickfors

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In 1971, Mikael released a solo single, "Familjelycka" ( translated means 'Family happiness'). Then he was contacted by The Hollies. He was brought in as a replacement for Allan Clarke when he left for a solo career. He had been spotted by Tony Hicks during one of The Hollies' Scandinavian tours when Mikael was with Bamboo.

He first recorded with The Hollies on October 14, 1971. Upon joining the band, he took over the lead vocals spot. He also contributed on guitar, bass, and piano. He sang on the hit single, "The Baby", which reached Number 26 in the UK charts. The Hollies then released the Romany album. Mikael sang lead on most of the songs, he wrote the song, "Touch" (This tune had originally been done by Bamboo). The group toured extensively after the release of the album.

The next album that the band recorded, Out On The Road, was only released on the Hansa label in Germany. Mikael wrote "The Last Wind" and "Don't Leave The Child Alone" for the album. He also co-wrote "They Don't Realize I'm Down" and "A Better Place" with Terry Sylvester. Out On The Road was released in October of 1973, but by that time Mikael Rickfors was ousted by Allan Clarke's return.

Mikael has had a successful solo career since leaving The Hollies, having released ten albums to date. He has written most of his own material, typically with his songwriting partner Hasse Huss. His first solo album, Mikael Rickfors, contained the tune "'Daughter of The Night", which was later recorded by Jim Capaldi (on Daughter of The Night), Richie Havens (on The Beginning of the End), and Carlos Santana (on Havana Moon). His third album, Kickin' A Dream, was a big success in Sweden. It had the hit single "Dancing On The Edge Of Danger".

His next album, Tender Turns Tuff, was a number one album in Sweden. The track "Yeah Yeah" was covered by Cyndi Lauper for her album She's So Unusual.

In 1986, Mikael released the Rickfors album. It was different from his other works in that most of the songs were covers. In 1988, Mikael released the Vingar album. ('wings' in Swedish). The album was an enormous hit throughout Scandinavia. It went platinum in Sweden; the first time one of his albums had reached that sales level there.

In 1990, Mikael joined together with a number of other Swedish artists to form The Grymlings. The band was closely modeled after The Traveling Wilburys. It consisted of Göran Lagerberg, Magnus Lindberg, Pugh Rogefelt (all popular Swedish artists in their own right) and Mikael. All of the songs on their debut album, Grymlings, were in Swedish. The album was a tremendous success and reached platinum-level sales. The name "Grymlings" came from the town of Grymling, a small community on the island of Gotland off of the Swedish coast where Mikael lived for a time

His next solo project was a two-album set called Judas River, released in 1991. One of the songs was "Blue Night", which was the title track of Percy Sledge's recent comeback disc. Also on this album was a song called Sailors of the Heart, which tells of the time when he was with The Hollies.

In 1992, Mikael reunited with the other Grymlings to release Grymlings Volume 2. The group disbanded after releasing this album.

In 1995, Mikael helped out Carla Olson in her remake of his song, "Touch" (from The Hollies' Romany album) on the Sing Hollies in Reverse tribute album. Mikael also moved back to Stockholm, after spending the last ten years on the island of Gotland, off the Swedish coast.

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