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Paul Rodgers

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Worldwide, musicians and critics have dubbed Paul Rodgers “The Voice”. With an international career boasting mega hits, awards and accolades, this platinum selling singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist is a force. No other artist has led three bands to international success - Free, Bad Company, and The Firm - in addition to creating a successful Grammy-nominated solo career. He is undeniably one of music’s’ most distinctive vocalists. He has written/recorded some of rock’s greatest hits. “All Right Now”, “Can’t Get Enough”, “Feel Like Making Love”, “Rock n’ Roll Fantasy”, “Shooting Star”, “Radioactive”, “Satisfaction Guaranteed”.

He has released 30 CDs and sold 25 million. “Wonderland,’ starring Val Kilmer, as well as 2000’s Oscar Award Winning “American Beauty” , Mike Meyers’ “Wayne’s World”, Tom Cruise’s “Top Gun” and T.V.’s  ”South Park’ and “The Simpsons” have all included Rodgers’ songs.

As a solo artist he has worked with Bruce Springsteen, Joe Walsh, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Roger Daltry, Jimmy Page, Charlie Watts, Bryan Adams, Nils Lofgren, Queen, The Doobie Brothers, Buddy Guy, blues great Hubert Sumlin, Motown legends The  Four Tops and Sam Moore, to name a few.

Rodgers first shot up the international radio charts in 1970 with Free and rock anthem “All Right Now”. A number-one hit in over 20 territories and recognized by ASCAP in 1990 for garnering one million plus radio plays in the U.S. alone. At the time, Free and Led Zeppelin were the biggest grossing British acts. Free released four top five albums and were the leaders of the British blues rock invasion. Their unusual combination of blues, ballads and rock won them worldwide praise and an international following. The Multi Million Award was given to Paul Rodgers in the Fall of 2000 by the British Music Industry when “All Right Now” passed two-million-plus radio plays in the UK.

Rodgers later formed super group Bad Company, writing and singing smash hits like Grammy-nominated “Feel Like Making Love” and “Can’t Get Enough”, “Shooting Star”, “Bad Company”, Run With The Pack”, the last two featuring Paul on piano as well as vocals plus “Rock n’ Roll Fantasy” with Paul on guitar and vocals. “Bad Company took off”, recalls Rodgers. “When we started our first U.S. tour, the album was Number 99 on the charts. Two months later it hit number one.” Bad Company earned six multi-platinum albums.

Early in 1984, Paul released his much anticipated first solo CD, Cut Loose. It showcased his quintessential talents as a singer, songwriter and multi-faceted musician. He composed all of the music, played all of the instruments and sang. Later in 1984 it was his joint billing with Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page on the historic U.S. ARMS tour (rock’s first charity fundraiser) including Jeff Beck, Joe Cocker and others, that led to forming The Firm with Page. Rodgers agreed to  two albums and two tours. Both Firm world tours were top grossing. The Firm and Mean Business, the group’s two albums, also enjoyed international success producing the hits “Radioactive”, “Satisfaction Guaranteed” and “All The King’s Horses”. No surprise that Paul wrote “Radioactive” but not many know that he played the song’s trademark guitar riff.

The Law, Rodgers’ 1991 venture with former Who drummer Kenny Jones, produced the hit single “Laying Down the Law”. Written by Rodgers it hit number one on Billboard’s AOR charts.

In 1993, Rodgers took time to acknowledge the influence of Jimi Hendrix, by collaborating with SLASH, Hendrix’s own Band of Gypsies (Buddy Miles and Billy Cox). He recorded the track “I Don’t Live Today”, on the CD “In From The Storm” a tribute to Jimi Hendrix. Other performers included Eric Clapton and Seal. Then Rodgers teamed up with Journey guitarist Neil Schon and issued “The Hendrix Set”, a live CD with Paul’s unique interpretations of Hendrix songs. A Canadian and U.S. tour followed.

His Grammy-nominated solo CD, Muddy Water Blues, was released in 1994. Rodgers wrote the title track and was backed by guitarists Buddy Guy, Jeff Beck, Ritchie Sambora, David Gilmour, Steve Miller, Brian Setzer and Brian May, to name a few. Muddy Water Blues celebrated Paul’s blues roots and respect for Muddy Waters.

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