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Robin Trower

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Robin Trower (born March 9, 1945 in Catford, England) is a legendary British rock guitarist who achieved success with Procol Harum during the 1960s, and then again as the leader of his own power trio.

In 1962 Robin Trower and Gary Brooker formed a group that would come to be known as The Paramounts. Brooker had left The Paramounts in 1966 to form Procol Harum, which Trower joined in 1967, and where he remained until 1972. After going solo in 1973, he found the individual success that has made him a living legend today. Armed with a fluid and powerful guitar style, refined during his stint with Procol, he recruited singer/bassist James Dewar and drummer Reg Isidore (later replaced by Bill Lordan) to form the Robin Trower Band in 1973.

Perhaps Trower’s most famous album is Bridge of Sighs (1974), a gem widely recognized as one of the best rock albums ever recorded, an artful blend of his powerful guitar playing with the equally powerful singing of the late James Dewar.

In 1977, feeling he had already proven himself as a performer, Trower’s unbridled passion for musical integrity inspired him to venture into new musical realms, as demonstrated by the release of the jaded In City Dreams album. The independent streak Trower displayed when he had left Procol Harum had surfaced again. The 1978 release of the polished jewel Caravan to Midnight simply reiterated the fact Trower had chosen his own road to freedom. “I am spending much more time and energy and effort on writing and arranging the material,” he said at the time, adding “I think music today is suffering greatly from a cleannness. It’s too set, too pat, too clever, there’s not enough spontaneity."

Trower’s most recent album, Living Out of Time (2003), recalls the unmatched majesty and power of his early solo performances while brilliantly exploring exquisite new vistas. Living Out of Time features the return of veteran bandmates Dave Bronze on bass, vocalist Davey Pattison (formerly with Ronnie Montrose's band Gamma) and Pete Thompson on drums—the same lineup as the mid 1980s albums Passion and Take What You Need.

The Playful Heart (2010) is the latest studio recording by one of Rock/Blues legendary guitarists. Recorded with his touring band, produced by long-time musical cohort Livingston Brown, these eleven new songs show a more introspective Robin Trower. The guitar work alone requires that any aspiring player have this CD in his collection, and the loyal fans will all need a copy.

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